VOIP Phone Service

Ocala Guest WiFi provides the Complete Package from Internet to the Equipment all the Way to the Dial Tone. You save money and increase productivity by accessing Powerful Features, Superior Quality and Guaranteed Reliability.

We are uniquely qualified to offer you a complete solution:

  • VoIP Phones
  • Mobile / Wireless VoIP Phones
  • Music or Message on Hold
  • Auto Attendant – Like Press 1 for this, Press 2 for that
  • Personal Voice Mail Boxes
  • Voice Mail sends to Email & Text Message
  • Follow Me – If you are not their, System will follow you from phone to phone
  • iPhone / Android app so you can receive and make calls like you are in the office
  • Auto Record all Incoming & outgoing Calls
  • Listen live to your employee’s phone calls
  • Full Call Logs
  • Blacklist Numbers you don’t want calling you
  • FOP/ Call Stats Monitoring Software for the Receptionist

We can port your number to us. Or give u a new number.

And We’re Local!

Residential Service starts at $19.95
Business Service starts at $34.95

No Lengthy Contract and your Satisfaction is Always Guaranteed.

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